Monday, 26 January 2015

Scrap Whispers Is on a Looong Break

Hi everyone


Such a little word for such an enormous thing.

Unfortunately however, this little word has been having a massive impact on everyone on the scrapwhisper team for quite some time now. Personal challenges have been thrown at us all from many different directions of late and as such the scrapwhispers game has really suffered.  For that I truly apologise.

For many of you the scrapwhisper game is your way to keep scrapbooking,  your place to obtain inspiration and look at other peoples pages and a place to share your own layouts seeking feedback to improve on your technique.

As you know the scrapwhisper site is completely run by volunteers. Started on a scrapbooking message board way back in 2006 it has enjoyed 9 years of fun, games and challenges. As the years have gone on however it has become harder to keep things fresh and even harder as personal lives have gotten more complicated to find the appropriate amount of time to commit to such a venture.

We've been thinking long and hard and have therefore made the difficult decision to close the scrapwhisper game. For now.

We hope to come back in 2016.

I know that seems like a million years away. But we are trying to be realistic about this and it will be here before you know it.

A whole year off might be a sensible thing for us all. Some time to rest. Breathe. And sort life out.  We just feel that we're not currently dedicating enough of our time to the game and not doing it justice so it's better to stop than to continue giving a half hearted effort.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the past 9 years - we appreciate every one of you! xx

As for the last game...... who won?! ....... Well - Rosey's team won! :) Well done ladies - fabulous layouts! You worked hard!

See you all in 2016 - and keep in touch with us on facebook x

Georgina, Rosey and Nilsa

Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Tidings

Hope you've all been enjoying a wonderful Christmas season with your families. Just a quick message from us to thank you for your support over the past few years, and in particular for sticking with us this past few months whilst we made some changes on the website and struggled to keep to our proper schedule.

Have a lovely lovely new year and we'll see you in 2015 for a brand new (more organised game!)  :)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Big Reveal- Team Nilsa

We began our first layout with Georgina's - "Traffic Woes". Luckily I am blessed to work in the community where I live and there are no traffic woes for me!

I was next!  Every summer my sister Nora and her family come to visit and its all about spending quality time with the cousins whether its in the house, at the pool or at the parks. There is a big age gap between Ashley and Andrew but these two cousins share a special bond. I went along with Georgina's design but I added a chevron border to the top of the layout, a scalloped border at the bottom and dropped the three brads from the corner of the photo and photo frame

Then it was Nora M's turn and she featured a photo of her son Andrew's double digits birthday. If you;re wondering how this boy and the boy in my layout look so much alike well it happens that Nora is my twin sister! (I think most of you already know)LOL Nora pretty much stayed true to my layout but she added a banner instead of a border, she dropped the journaling but instead added patterned paper.

Next was Rosemary's beautiful Christmas layout. She went on to add three pictures and a journal box. She pretty much stayed true to Nora's layout.

Sarah went on to create a digital layout of her cute little kittens. She used three pictures and a journal box like Rosemary. She dropped the banner but went on to add an embellishment. She also dropped all the embellishments on the layout.

Last was Alexis,she went on to create a layout about running for a cause. Alexis misted her background paper and went on to add two papers and three photos. She added bling to her layout and changed the placement of the title. 

From beginning to end the layout somewhat changed. 

Thanks for playing along!! 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Team Georgina - Big Reveal

I have to start this post with a profound apology. For the first time in a very long time I am a complete and utter flaker. I've been an incredibly poor team leader this round and I sincerely apologise to my team. I've been disorganised and not contactable and had so much going on in the "real" world that I've not had much time to dedicate to Scrapwhispers or indeed scrapbooking for that matter. As such our teams layouts are sparse (and I forgot to send the final layout onto Terry too!!!!) I am so so sorry Terry but you can be first on the list for the next game. If you've been wondering where we've been it is entirely my fault. 

So I am sorry! 

But without further ado - check out the layouts that our team valiantly managed to produce - some really cool layouts I think you will agree. 

We started with a layout I created for this round. 

Natascha was up first - She stayed true to the original layout just using different and more colourful patterned papers, and she matched her bright yellow frame to the bright yellow title on her page. The only thing she did not include was any journalling like on the original layout. It looks great don't you think! 

Next up to play was Angie - she created a digital layout and whilst she tweaked a few things you are still able to see the resemblances with the original layout! She increased the size of her photo and took away the squareness of the page by matting her photo on layers of rectangles of patterned paper. She gave the layout a vintage feel and took away the frame but replaced the three brads with 2 flowers and a heart. She used two fonts in her title. 

Next up was Amanda - she kept the one photo in a landscape design but reduced the size of it. She centralised the photo to the middle of the page, layering more patterned paper. She spritzed the background and added some circles which look like paint. She added a two font title in two different colours and some stars in clusters of three to finalise the magical look.

Finally it was the turn of Anmarie who completely switched things up! She used two photos and split them across the page creating two mini layouts in one.  She kept the cluster of three stars sprinkled on her page and took inspiration from the orange in Amanda's title to create her colour scheme.

I think you will agree that whilst it's been a complete transformation you can still see the similarities in the original layout!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Big Reveal - Team Rosey!

This was the LO that we started with; a great design by Georgina with plenty of scope for imagination. This is a familiar feeling to many of us - I love how Georgina's LOs put into pictures those aspects of our daily lives that we all feel but don't always manage to preserve.

My lift came first, and I featured a wonderful day in London when Georgina and I met up with Nora and her lovely family on holiday from the US. I used the original design but I wanted more photos so I added them in the space down the right side. I kept the frame but changed the shape and reduced it in size, and I changed the embellishments at the top from a tab to a matching arrow. Check out how the tab makes a spontaneous reappearance later on!

Then came Susi with this vivid LO in completely opposite colours. She kept to the same design except for doing away with the journalling, and the heart frame became incorporated into her title. Notice how the photos at the side are getting bigger, and the main photo is getting smaller.

Up next was Nora with this characteristically uncluttered page, and look! The tabs are back! The journalling has also returned in the original place, and Susi's adaptation of the frame has evolved into Nora's title. Her photos of a young and quite adorable Charlotte have been squared up and standardised in size and configuration with neat matting of papers providing plenty of "breathing space" around the edges. She has added her trademark touches of washi tape and strips on the edges.

Jenn K's LO followed, with her glowing autumn page with these dramatic photos. She rotated Nora's design clockwise, kept the arrows and the close framing, and left the title in its original place. She has used a plain background card-stock for the first time. It really isn't looking anything like the original any more is it?

Welcome to Mary Jene, a first-time player, who got Jenn's LO to lift. She added these striking cockerel embellishment strips where the washi tape had been, and substituted one of the photos for a journalling spot which she positioned below the title.

Our last player was Sherri, with this lovely shot of her son Austin. Sherri's digital LO simplified Mary Jene's design further by removing another photo, and putting her title and subtitle where the cockerel strips were, leaving more space for journalling.

And there you have it. A complete transformation from my team, and a very good game! I would like to thank them all especially for playing, and also for each keeping to their time slot, mostly getting their lifts back to me early. Many thanks - you guys rock!

Now... which team will win? Come back soon to find out!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Flash Back Friday - Kelly

This week we're flashing back to visit one of our previous DT members to see what she's been up to since she left SW...... Kelly......

"When I decided to leave the DT at Scrap Whispers, it was a really hard decision. I loved being on the team. I loved the challenges. I got really excited leading the Scrap Whisper game and seeing how the pages evolved. 

I had started scrapbooking when my daughter was born, after coming across a magazine by accident. I'd always been slightly obsessed with paper so it was inevitable I'd be hooked on it. All that pretty paper *sigh* And, all those different techniques which turned pages into home decor items.

Life just went from plodding along to manic. My two children were growing up and joining out of school activities, I had found a new love of cake decorating and I had got myself a night shift job with a well known home shopping channel in the UK. I simply, didn't have time to scrap.

I would really like to turn my cakes into a business one day but at the moment it is just a friends and family thing. Every now and then I will need a card for some occasion and I'll stop myself from buying. I'll go home and create a quick card, which may then turn into a few more cards. That's when I realise just how much I miss it. 

If I get time, I still play along with the scrap whisper game and I've even joined in a couple of challenges. I've won a couple too :)

I'm starting to find the fun in scrapbooking and card making again. Once it's fully embraced I can go back to purchasing pretty paper again (oh, how I miss that!!) 

I recently counted how many pages I'd made. 476!! I just need to get them into albums now. Eeeeek!!"

Friday, 28 November 2014

Sign Ups for The New Year

What a great game that was! Thanks so much for all your adorable layouts - we've loved seeing them all! :)

It's that time again though.... we're taking sign ups for the next round which will start in the new year! :)

Want to play? Email us with your name to join the next game.....

Come back next week in the meantime for another scraplifting challenge !