Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Team Rosey

Hi again everyone! Today I'm delighted to share with you the layouts from Team Rosey! 

Here is a reminder of that cool layout we had to scraplift from:

Hello Handsome by Stephanie Buice
First up was Rosey - she did a great job in keeping the layout very near to the original. She switched the heart background up a bit and added in stars and flowers too, but still stitched through the middle of them.  She stitched a border around the edge and layered a cluster of cards, stars, hearts and stickers on the left of the page. She used one square photo and added some hearts on either side as well as a fancy photo corner.

75th by Rosey D

 Next up was Nora and she gave her layout a Disney theme! She switched the flowers in the background for Mickey Mouse ears and drew on faux stitching with a pen. She kept the hearts and stars across her page as embellishments and added some gems in the same places as Rosey did too. She kept a square photo and moved her title to a box.
Feel the Magic by Nora M
 Next up was Angie who made a boy themed page. She took away the hearts in the background instead adding circles, hexagons, triangles, cogs, and zig zag patterns. She stitched through these too but rather than stitching around the whole of the outside of the page she stitched a small section on each side. She kept the paper layering and a square photo to the top right of the page and added a heart near her title which she incorporated together.
Love you boys by Angie O
 Susi was next and she took a different view of the layout. She brought back hearts which she placed along the bottom edge of her page and added rows of different embellishments instead (buttons, gems). She changed her photo to be a standard portrait size and layered it on top of paper which she also layered with stickers. Her title was placed to the bottom right of the photo.

Love you to the moon by Susi G
 Stephanie B was next to step up to the scraplifting plate. She moved her title to the bottom edge of the page in place of the hearts. She changed the gems and buttons to a line of handwritten journalling and added some stickers in straight lines to the top of the page. She didn't layer any papers but instead used colour blocking which she added her landscape style photo to.

Berlin by Stephanie B
 Finally it was the turn of Anamarie who kept the colour blocking theme - she switched back to a portrait style photo and made it larger, moved her title to the left of her page and added some flags for embellishments. The stars made a comeback too in a straight line to the top right of the page. She kept with the travel theme too.

Yosemite by Anamarie

So there we have it! Two teams down - one more to go! Come back tomorrow to see what team Nilsa have to share.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Team Georgina - Big Reveal

It's that time again! Big reveal time! I have to say that we've had great fun with this original layout from Stephanie Buice, so many techniques to play with and such a fun vibrant layout. 

Hello Handsome - by Stephanie Buice

Georgina took a go first - she increased the sizes of the hearts in the background and created faux stitching with her biro pen. She replaced the paint splatter with some gems but kept the cluster towards the left of the layout with a heart, star and square card.  She kept to one photo and added some stickers and layers to the photo. She added faux stitching around the outside of her page and kept quite close to the original. 

Chicken Yoga - by Georgina Hefferman
 Next up was Nora N. She moved to a blue card stock and replaced the hearts with a sequence of patterned paper circles instead. She scattered stars over the page for her embellishment and added tape instead of photo corners. She added 5 more photos and made them smaller but still put them in a frame. She added a pink frame around one of the photos and kept the placement of the title.

of her own Show - by Nora Noll 
 Then it was the turn of Alexis who decided to create a digital layout.  She kept the circles in the background but made them smaller and increased the size of space inbetween them.  She reduced the number of photos down to one again and added a frame with some buttons on each corner. She journalled on her page in a bracket shaped journalling spot. She split her title down one side and across the bottom of her photo.

Duck Goose by Alexis H
Following this was the turn of Jenn K.  She kept the circles on her background but this time spread them across the page more. She switched the journalling up by adding a tag and musical embellishments but keeping them in the bottom left side of her page. She kept one photo and slanted this slightly, moving her title entirely to the left of the photo. She layered this on top of patterned paper and with some stickers over the top.

Follow the leader by Jenn K 
 Finally the layout was passed to Amanda K. She kept the circles in the background of her page but made them all different sizes to create a muted background. She flipped the template of the layout too and moved her photo to the left of her page, the title to the right and the journalling she reduced in size and moved to the bottom right of the page. She brought back the stars too adding one to the corner and two strips along the top and bottom.  The photo was layered on top of patterned paper and everything kept straight.

Hello Grandma - by Amanda K

There we have it - quite a transformation don't you agree? Come back tomorrow to see Team Rosey's layouts!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sneak peek

Just a little teaser from one of my team's LOs. Can you guess who?

Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy Monday

Hope everyone is well after a fabulous weekend!

Today I thought as it's a happy Monday - I would share a happy card I've made:

Everyone should dance on Mondays don't you think?!

Have a great day

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

It's behind you!

I don't know whether you have pantomimes in the US - I suspect they are a particularly British form of humour. They are performed particularly at Christmas-time, but can be any time of the year. For the end of my niece's final year in her junior school, they performed "Aladdin trouble" and my niece played the essential pantomime dame, Widow Twankey. She also played Widow Twinkey because her fellow actress was missing from the evening performances, although I'm a little foggy as to how all that fitted in! It sounds as if my niece acted beautifully and remembered all her and her friend's lines, and her mum, Grandma and Grandpa were very proud of her.

I'm giving you all this background because I made the pantomime the subject of her birthday card. I used my new 6"x6" Bo Bunny Enchanted Garden pad - quite appropriate and such pretty colours.

Here is the inside. Grandma sent me a photo of the pantomime and I chose the colours to fit her costume.

She had a friend to spend her birthday evening with her, and they both pronounced it "cool". High praise indeed from a tween! I can't believe that she'll be in secondary school from September.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Flash Back Friday - Big Reveal

For flash back Friday today - we thought it would be fun to look at a random big reveal from the past! 
It's so cool to see how this layout has progressed throughout, see if you can spot how it changed

The original layout to be scraplifted by Georgina

Hot by Nilsa

Ho Me by Amanda

Magnificent 7 by Tammy

Sweet dream by Susi

Love by Shannon 

Love by Karen 

The Lake by Sarah

Valentine Love by Colleen

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Bits'n'pieces challenge

We have a little challenge going on over at ScrapJazz, where I know some of you go as well, which our very own Nora came up with. She challenged a group of us to gather together our leftovers from other projects; die-cuts, scraps, ribbon remnants and stamped images that we have created but not used for whatever reason. We were to put them into a bag and post them to an allocated partner, and make at least 3 cards out of them.

We've done this before, with great success. Last time Nora sent me a small package and I produced 6 cards with bits to spare. This time, she sent me 2 bulging zip-lock bags with enough items to keep me quiet for months on end. Look at this little lot! She even sent me some stamps, which somehow didn't make it onto this photo, I'm not sure why. She's so kind!

I took it all to our local monthly crop on Saturday and created 5 cards out of just a handful.

There will be more to come. Somehow it's always easier to find inspiration from other people's leftovers than from your own, isn't it?