Friday, 24 October 2014

Pinterest Inspired Card Challenge

Waving hello to everyone! It has been a while since I've created a card and since Halloween is

quickly approaching I'd like to challenge you to make a Halloween card using a mason jar. If you

don't have a mason jar die cut or stamp you can go to Google and search for mason jar clip art.

Here are a  few cards I found on Pinterest and will be using as inspiration.

Here is my Pinterest inspired card:

Friday, 17 October 2014

Scrap-lift challenge from the archives

Hi folks!

Today I want to share with you one of my oldest, and most favourite LOs. I'm not sure whether it's the shapes, or the colours - secondary colours always seem to press the right buttons with me - or how much "breathing space" there is, while there is still plenty going on. Whatever it is, I've had a lot of comments on it, and today I challenge you to scrap-lift it, and post your version in the comments below.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Teams Announced

Hi everyone! Happy Friday!

Today we're announcing the names of the teams for this round...........

So without further ado:

Team Rosey

1. Mary Jene H
2. Jenn K
3. Suzi  G
4. Sherri L
5. Nora N

Team Nilsa

1. Rosey W
2. Sarah M
3. Nora M
4. Alexis H
5. Terry H

Team Georgina

1. Debbie S
2. Amanda K
3. Natascha G
4. Angie O
5. Jenny C

Lets go to work! :) Check out Facebook for behind the scenes chat and check your email box to confirm what you need to do next.......

Friday, 3 October 2014

Welcome Back !

Hi everyone! 

Hope you enjoyed a lovely break and are ready for some scrapping fun! :)

We've had another rethink about how to keep the blog and its content going and this is the plan going forward..... 

ScrapWhispers will be all about FRIDAYS!  

Every Friday we will post something new - next week we will announce the new teams for the next ScrapWhisper challenge (we are full already but there is a wait list if you don't make the teams this time round) and then every Friday after that we will surprise you with scraplifting challenges or flash back Friday posts, as the main ScrapWhisper layout gets passed around the teams.

Should be fun! Are you ready...............?

See you next week! :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Winners and an Announcment

Hi everyone!

Apologies it's taken so so long to  post who the winners of the last team challenge were - things have been crazy around here for a while now and when I say "here" I mean in the homes of all Scrapwhisperers! LOL

So firstly - the winners were..........


Stephanie chose the winning team and this is what she said:

"This is a tough one! But after looking at the layouts from all three teams I think my choice would be team number two!  I really liked all the layouts and was really impressed with all the progressions from layout to layout. Each layout has their own version of the background from my original layout and they each compliment their pages. It's pretty neat to me how it went from person to person with each of them leaving their own mark on how it was translated. Great job to all the ladies!  I also really like how the last layout was so much "calmer" than my layout, it really opened my eyes up to always considering that sometimes less really is more.That's a pretty neat challenge site"

So congratulations to team Rosey! Sadly there are no prizes on offer anymore but we hope you had fun playing the game.

Now onto the announcement. 

We've been thinking long and hard about the Scrawhisper site for sometime now. Fewer people have been visiting since we stopped offering prizes and doing weekly challenges, less people are actually finding time at the moment to scrapbook and although we tried to keep lots of posts happening on the site, life just gets in the way and it's pretty difficult thinking of new content to keep things interesting for our visitors. We rarely get comments on posts and we've not had many people signing up for the latest team game either - we have enough for about 1 and a half teams so far.

Scrapwhispers has been around for a number of years now and as you are aware has changed frequently to try and keep people interested. We have decided we don't want to lose all that history, but equally we cannot continue in the format we are with little feedback etc. We have no idea who is even reading this announcement! :)

So - on that basis we've thought long and hard and have decided that we will be taking a Summer break from Scrapwhispers. Everyone wants and needs to get out in the world to enjoy the summer sunshine whilst it is here, make lots of lovely memories and take huge volumes of photos - and then in the autumn when we are back everyone will have have lots of great things to scrap! :)

We're not defeated just yet - but we think a vacation will help us regroup, refocus and refuel!

Hope you all understand. If you have signed up for the new team game already your name stays on the list - See you in October!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Team Nilsa - Big Reveal

Sorry for the delay - technical issues! Today is the big reveal for Team Nilsa....

Remember the original layout?

Nilsa took it and replaced the background hearts with hexagons. She faux stitched with a pen through the centre and placed her small square photo on the top right of her page. She added some embellishments and stars and added a two word title to the bottom of the photo. 
My Love by Nilsa

Next up was Karen - she kept the hexagon pattern to the back of her layout and stitched through the centre - she also embellished with stars and kept the photo square, mounted on red and to the top right of the page. She added a two word title and some stickers. The layout is very similar to Nilsa's. 

So Serious by Karen 
Then was the turn of Sherri - she changed the background hexagons to squares with content each each of them with a cabin / camping theme. She increased the size of her photo and placed it landscape on her page. She embellished with tree's and added a two word title under her photo. 

Cabin Fever by Sherri
Next up was Sarah and we see the reintroduction of stars in the background of the layout. She moved her photo down the page to the centre slightly and kept a two word title but slanted it slightly. She added some embellishment with images and a star with some journalling in. 

Cool Man by Sarah 
Next was the turn of Terry and she continued with the star theme, but squished them more to the centre of her page. She added a border either side of the stars and a strip of paper down one side. She returned to a smaller square photo and kept it in the centre of her page. She added a title to the top left of the page and some journalling strips along the bottom. 

Starman by Terry
 Finally it was the turn of Natascha - she increased the size of her photo once more but matted it on black like Terry did. She kept the border strips and stars but reduced the stars in number and embellished with gems. She added some flowers to the top of the photo and a strip of paper down the right hand side of her page. She added some strips of journalling on the bottom but in a line, not staggered as Terry had done.

Fasching in der firma by Natascha

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