Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Challenge 172 - Georgina

Hi everyone - Georgina here with my layout inspired by Christina! I chose to create a layout with strips of paper (top right), a page from a book (or paper inspired by the pages of a book lol) and a white cut out paper (with the polkadots) - Christina has a really individual style and I tried to capture bits from her layouts to make mine. I also added some flair and hand writing as Christina uses those a lot in her work too. I loved the stripes of paper - great way to use up random leftovers. Might do this on a card!

Hope this has helped inspire you today

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Challenge #172 - you choose!

Welcome back to our challenges! Here is Christina's first fun-filled LO for our inspiration.


Wow - what a lot of detail Christina has given us here to look at here. There is just so much going on. As this is the first challenge of the game, we're going to give you an easy one:

Choose 3 features from Christina's LO, and create a LO of your own using them. For example:
- stitching, bunting, paint
- fancy photos, diagonal stripes, roses
- date stamps, polka dots, book pages

Or have a really close look at all that amazing detail, and pick something that you think nobody else will have noticed. Please make sure you tell us what you've chosen.
Enter your challenges into the Challenge Entries page at the top of this blog, and you will be in with a chance of winning our mystery prize at the end of the game. If the Linky isn't working, please add your entry to the comments.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Our Guest Designer for this game is...

Christina Padilla! Welcome to Scrap Whispers!

Christina used to be a member of the Blue Crew, which is the Design Team for Scrap Jazz. As usual, we asked her a few questions about herself.

How long have you been scrapping and how did you get started?  
I've been scrapbooking since I was an early teen. It was magazine clippings and stickers and birthday cards and memorabilia. I really got involved in scrapbooking as we know it today after the birth of my first son in 2001.

How would you describe your scrapbooking style? 
It's hard for me to pin point my style. I would have to call it eclectic. Sometimes I like clean lines and other times I like to cluster. I put music on, start creating and let my mood guide my style.

What do you prefer making 12X12, other sizes, mini albums, home d├ęcor, all these?  
8.5X11 is my favorite, but lately I've revisited 12X12. I make cards and have made mini books as well. Layering is my favorite thing to do. I love to mist, staple and cluster embellishments. I usually use 1 or 2 pictures per page and focus on my title work. I like to mix patterns and colors as well as paints and inks.

Which techniques seem to work best on your pages? 
Misting, inking and painting is really fun to do. I love to get messy on pages. I really make a mess on my work area but I always love the end results!
Do you like trying new techniques or do you tend to stick to your own style?  
 I like to try current trends and techniques. I love to try new things and incorporate it into my own twist.

What styles do you like to look at in other people's work? 
I admire everyone from Vilna Furstenburg to Maggie Holmes. They have such a gorgeous unmistakable effortless creativity. 

What are your main subjects?
My main subjects are my children. I also like to scrapbook about the things I'm currently loving from my favorite lipstick, food or music.

What is one craft item you can not live without, and why? 
Glue dots are essentials for me. I used them for everything. Placing a button, adding a ribbon or tag. I have to have them on hand in order to create.

Tell us one random thing we didn't know about you?  
I was a Twihard. Yes, loved all the Twilight books and movies. It was quite an obsession for a while. I even had a Scrapbook/Twilight blog called The Paper Cut. I must be honest, my heart still skips as beat for Edward Cullen. lol

Thank you! Christina will be providing us with our inspiration LOs for this game, and for our weekly challenges. Check out her blog, Pieces of Me. She can also be found on Facebook and Instagram as Paperdoilies.

Our first challenge of the game will be posted next week, so do come back and check it out. Every entry into our weekly challenge will be put in the hat for a mystery prize draw at the end of the game. We will start our team game next week too so watch out for that as well! :)

Saturday, 29 March 2014

And the winners are...

As always, we used Random.org to select our winner for the weekly challenges, and this is what we got:

And that is our lovely Kelly! Here is her gorgeous LO.
I'm sure it will make her day if we all drop in and leave some love on her blog.

Congratulations Kel, your prize will be winging its way towards you very soon.

And the winning team for this February/March game of Scrap Whispers, as chosen by our Guest Designer Jenn K is...

Manda K
Kaz M
Kelly R
Angie O
Amanda K


Please e-mail Georgina with your postal addresses so that your prizes can be sent to you.

Here is what Jenn had to say:

"I absolutely loved all of the layouts, and hope to have time to comment on each one individually soon! There are many standout designs in each group.  

I loved how much Team Georgina changed the layout, and the way each scrapper made the layout uniquely her own. 

I loved the way Team Rosey made the contrasting paper strip on the large square a focal point. 

However, I am going to go with Team Nilsa because I love that the clustered background shapes continued through all of the designs, even though they underwent many changes along the way! 

Everyone did a great job, and I am thrilled to have inspired such lovely work."

Thank you so much, Jenn, for judging our teams, and for giving us such wonderful inspiration throughout the game. We hope to see you back playing with us as soon as you are able. God bless you and yours.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Sign-ups for April/May game

The new Scrap Whispers game will begin in April, and run through till the end of May. If you would like to play with us, please e-mail Georgina to register.

Come back soon for the game and weekly challenge winners!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Big Reveal - Team Rosey

Hi everyone, apologies for the days delay in getting team Rosey's layouts up ~ we've had technical problems again! But fear not all is well again and we are delighted to be able to reveal Team Roseys layouts today !

Remember Jenn's inspiration?

Well, Rosey was first and as you can see, she kept true to the original layout.  She added photos in the hexagon spaces and embellished with washi tape. She included arrows and some sweet swirls and leaves. Her title was placed inside a box instead of being individual letters.

Rosey passed her layout to Marlo who again kept the same layout. This time however she removed the washi tape, added some super cute monkey embellishments and kept her title in a box.
She kept a strip of paper at an angle across the page

Marlo's layout got passed to Terry who ditched the hexagons altogether. She kept the square background paper but changed the strip of paper to a banner, added another strip of paper on top, changed the style of her photo and added a tag brad and some  hearts !

 Anmarie was next. She turned Terrys page around, making  her photo landscape and more centred to the page. She moved her hearts to the top right, added a tag to the top left and a square button to the bottom left.  She did not matt her photo.

 Her layout was then passed to Alexis who created a digi layout.  She made her photo smaller but kept it in the centre of the page. She reduced the size of her banner and took away the other strip of paper, instead replacing it with flowers and eggs. She added a rabbit embellishment to the top of the page and a title to the bottom. She did not include a tag.

 The it was the turn of Natascha, who turned the page once more - making her photo portrait style. She replaced the eggs and flowers with some bling, included hearts on the bottom right of the page (which is a funny coincidence as Alexis didn't include hearts on her layout but the others before her did!) She placed her title along the left of the page.

Finally was the turn of Kathleen who kept the centre square backing paper, but moved the banner strip to the bottom of her page. She added another photo, split her title across the page and added some brads / bling throughout, she also included some flowers at the top and centre of her page.

I think you agree this is quite the transformation!!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Big Reveal - Team Nilsa

Hi team! Having a good week? Well today it's the turn of team Nilsa to have their big reveal! :)

Remember this cute original layout from Jenn K?

Awesome Battle - Jenn K 
Well - this is what Nilsa did with it! She used a flowery background and kept everything very near Jenn's layout and style. She layered hexagons across the page, including photos and she added pretty pink swirls and flowers for her embellishments! The washi tape made an appearance too and she placed a ruler themed paper across the page horizontally. Her title was one word and moved slightly further to the right of the page. 

Jenna by Nilsa
 Next up was Mandy. She used lots of techniques on her page = she torn and inked the background papers to add dimension and she used just the one landscape style photo. She minimised the hexagons and scattered them behind her photo. Her title was moved to the bottom left of the page. She added some mesh fibre and some brown swirls for finishing touches and the matt behind her photo matched the colour of her background cardstock.

Clan by Mandy
 Then it was the turn of Kaz. She did not use as many background layers as Mandy, but did tear and ink the edges of her papers in the same way. She added a mess netting on the top and bottom of her page and reduced the size of the hexagons once more using a pre made paper which she cut out. She kept her title in the same location and added lots of bling across her pae. She doodled some swirls and hearts too!

Love you both by Kaz
 Kel was up next. She switched her photo to portrait style and made in a large centre of her page. She made the hexagons a little larger this time and spread them from left to right behind her photo. She added a thin matt behind her photo too and replaced the netting with some arrow papers / stickers. She moved her title to the right hand side of her page and embellished with a  little car sticker.

Drive by Kel
 Angie was next - interestingly she added another photo and made the hexagons larger again! She spread them behind her photo across the page but did not have a central background paper making the focus lie more upon the hexagons. She added a banner strip across the centre of the photos, moved the title so it split across her page and added some cute photo corners too. A frog holding a pinwheel finalised her page!

My cute boys by Angie
 Amanda was next and whilst she kept the same placement of the two landscape photos, she removed the banner from the centre and replaced hexagons with a splattering of scalloped circles! She journalled along the very bottom and right of her page and kept the title split and in squares. Amazing how this layout is progressing don't you think!

Make Believe by Amanda K
 Finally was the turn of Gizzy who returned to one large photo on the page, which she matted on a bright red card and placed at a slant. Her background consisted of circles (no scallops) scattered across the page - larger than the ones Amanda used. She also split the colours so she had blue on one side and red on the other. She finished the page with a velvet bow embellishment and some journalling in one of the circles.

by Gizzy

Again - another amazing teams transformation of layouts don't you agree? Come again tomorrow to see what Team Rosey got up to ! :)